Iman, Richard Plepler, Spike Lee, Arianna Huffington, and Tim Armstrong
Emily Rafferty and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff
Richard Plepler and Spike Lee
Arianna Huffington
Tim Armstrong and Arianna Huffington
Iman and Sir Ken Robinson
Dyllan McGee and Peter Kunhardt Jr.
Ingrid Sischy
Ingrid Sischy and Karl Lagerfeld
Peter Kunhardt Jr. and Iman
Blue Man Group and Sir Ken Robinson
Sheila Nevins and Dyllan McGee
Gerhard Steidl and Karl Lagerfeld
Gerhard Steidl, Anna Mongalis, Freja Beha, Ingrid Sischy, Sandy Brant, Rebekah McCabe, and Sebastian Jondeau
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and David Wolkoff
Anna Mongalis and Freja Beha
Spike Lee and Karl Lagerfeld
Rufus Wainwright and Jorn Weisbrodt
Rufus Wainwright
Alex Soros and friend
Rachel Roy
Oscar Tang
Sarah Arison
Oscar Tang and friend
Maurice and Andrea DuBois
Peter Kunhardt and Dan Tishman
Sir Ken Robinson and Matt Goldman
Bruce and Barbara Winston
Barbara and Donald Tober
Rufus Wainwright and Lily Rabe
Karl Lagerfeld and Freja Beha
Karl Lagerfeld, Rachel Roy, and Russell Simmons
Nancy Armstrong, Arianna Huffington, and Donna Karan
Maggie Betts and Dee Poku
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and Iman
Leslie Henshaw and Blair Pillsbury Enders
Photos from the Live Auction
Charles Revson
Kick Kennedy
Alina Cho
Ingrid Vandebosch and Jeff Gordon
Victoria Leeds and Nejma Beard
Tonne Goodman, Diana Revson, and Wendy Goodman
Jed Root, Scott Andrew, and Howard Greenberg
Tim and Nancy Armstrong
Nancy Armstrong, ?, Tim Armstrong, ?, and Dyllan McGee
Priscilla Rattazzi
Spike Lee
Donna Karan and Spike Lee
Michael Formica and Karen Marks
Emily Rafferty and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff
Peter Kunhardt Jr., Suzy and Peter Kunhardt
Dan and Sheryl Tishman
George, Teddy, and Abby Kunhardt
Robert and Sheri Gold and Mark Weigel
Eric Sartori, ?, and Iman
Jackie Glover, Adrienne, and Mario Sprouse
Bobbi Baker Burrows, Russell Burrows, Sarah Burrows, and Suzzanne Douglas
Diana Revson and Richard DeLigter
? and Heidi Leiser
Hugh Hildesley
Zoe and Kitty Haydock
Amy Fine Collins
?, Amanda Harlech, and Stephen Gan
Alan Patricof and Russell Simmons
Heidi Leiser and Beata Boman
Neil Leifer and friend
Blair Pillsbury Enders and Jack Enders
Chance Morrison
Donna Karan, Alex Soros, and Iman
David and Stephanie Wolkoff, Randall Batinkoff and Barbara Winston
Elisa Lipsky-Karasz and Diana Petroff
George Farias
Gordon MacGill
Heather Knowles
Elizabeth Kneiling and Tripp Revson
Jeffrey and Diane Jennings
Jon Diamond and Susan Hostetler
Julia Moore and Valerie Boster
Karl Lagerfeld, Iman, and Ingrid Sischy
Leslie Parks, Robin Hickman, and Mai Morson
Sam and Libby Edelman
Peggy and Micky Drexler
Mary Engel and Buzz Hartshorn
Phillip Kunhardt III and Jessie Kunhardt
Iman and Eric Sartori
Pavan Pardasani and Kacie Schiffer
Peter Kunhardt Jr. and Julia Moore
Rachel Roy and Robert Verdi
Stephen Gan, Amanda Harlech, and Karl Lagerfeld
Christine Groff
Sebastian Jondeau and Eric Pfrunder

Rufus Wainwright, Lily Rabe, Kick Kennedy and friends

The third Gordon Parks Awards Dinner honored Arianna Huffington, Karl Lagerfeld, Spike Lee, Sir Ken Robinson and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. The Awards were presented by Tim Armstrong, Blue Man Group, Richard Plepler, Emily Rafferty and Ingrid Sischy. Iman served as Mistress of Ceremonies. The Foundation also launched the HBO/Gordon Parks Film Scholarship which was awarded to Alma Rosario, a student at the Ghetto Film School.