Gloria Vanderbilt
Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Richard Parsons, Richard Plepler, Sheila Nevins, and Bill Nelson
Anderson Cooper
Peter Kunhardt
Sheila Nevins
Sheila Nevins and Spike Lee
Sheila Nevins and Richard Parsons
Diane von Furstenberg and Anderson Cooper
Dyllan McGee
Ingrid Saunders Jones and Thelma Golden
Sheila Nevins and Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Gloria Vanderbilt and Jean-Claude Baker
Leslie Parks and Spike Lee
Richard Parsons
Gale Monk, David and Lisa Grain
Mai Morson, Alain Brouillaud, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Dr. Andrew Slaby
Dina Merrill
Diane von Furstenberg
Peter Kunhardt Jr. and Charles Whittingham
Peggy Rice and George Kunhardt
Gloria Vanderbilt, Dr. Andrew Slaby and Diana Revson
Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt
Guyland Leday and the Zydeco Family and Friends
Guyland Leday
Sheila Nevins and Guyland Leday
Guyland Leday and Mayor David Dinkins
Mai Morson, Robin Hickman, Mayor David Dinkins, and Chester Higgins Jr.
Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Lana Iny, Richard Parsons, and Richard Plepler
Amy Fine Collins and friend
Juliet and Simon Teakle
Jeffrey Jennings and Mark Hammeschlag
Katherine Kunhardt
Photos by Mel Levine
Bobbi Baker Burrows and friend
Russell Burrows
Ingrid Saunders Jones
Simon Teakle
Cesar Recio, Aurelia Thierree, and Dr. Andrew Slaby
Young Patrons Committee Members

The Gordon Parks Foundation hosted its inaugural Awards Dinner and honored Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Sheila Nevins and Gloria Vanderbilt. The awards were presented by Richard D. Parsons, Diane von Furstenberg and Ingrid Saunders Jones. Anderson Cooper served as the Master of Ceremonies.