On May 15, 2015 the Jacob Burns Film Center screened Gordon Parks' Diary of a Harlem Family and held a panel discussion with Leslie Parks, Gene Young, and Mario Sprouse, moderated by Jonathan Demme. Material from Gordon Parks' The Learning Tree was exhibited in the film center's Jane Peck Gallery.


"This is the story of a black man. Look at him and know that to destroy him is to destroy yourself." -- Gordon Parks, Diary of a Harlem Family. A cinematic portrait of the Fontenelle family composed entirely of still photographs taken by Parks for a LIFE Magazine photo essay, Diary perfectly encapsulates what made this self-taught artist one of the most celebrated photographers of his age—his ability to create remarkably expressive images that explored the social and economic impact of racism. Film Details: Gordon Parks. 1968. 20 m. NR. USA. Chicago Film Archives.


Q&A Leslie Parks, Gene Young, and Mario Sprouse with Jonathan Demme. Leslie Parks is the daughter of Gordon Parks, Gene Young was Gordon Parks’ former wife and edited several of his books, including his novel The Learning Tree. Mario Sprouse was Gordon Parks’ musical companion. Both Young and Sprouse serve on on the Board of Directors of The Gordon Parks Foundation.

Exhibition in the Jane Peck Gallery- The Gordon Parks Foundation curated a survey of material related to Parks’ The Learning Tree, that was on display in the Jane Peck Gallery throughout the summer.