Peter Beard - Honorees - The Gordon Parks Foundation

Peter Beard began taking photographs and keeping diaries at an early age as a way to preserve his favorite things. His enduring relationship with Africa – landscape, wildlife, and peoples – began with early travels to the continent in the mid 1950s and became the predominant artistic and intellectual site for his explorations, discoveries, and development of his very special world-view. His close encounters with the continent are the subject and takeoff point for his art form- utilizing the photograph as a canvas for his art. To the photograph, Beard adds collaged historic photographs, ephemera, printed text, found objects, diary pages, blood, ink, and watercolor to create unique artworks that form a socio-political commentary. He is primarily concerned with our changing environment. His repertoire includes art, books, film, and fashion. He has collaborated with many of the greatest artists of our time: Francis Bacon, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Josef Albers, and Richard Lindner. A constant creator, Beard photographs, writes, draws, collages, and assembles a history of his life and our own.



"Gordon understood what was happening - he was a genius who I was fortunate enough to call my friend."