The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Anderson Cooper
Annie Leibovitz and Paul Roth
Karl Lagerfeld and Gerhard Steidl
Richard Plepler and Senator Christopher Dodd
Gordon Parks book to be published by Steidl in September 2012
Live Auction
Peter Kunhardt Jr. and Karl Lagerfeld
Scholarship recipients Shalisa Chang, Nia Drummond, and Jared Ray
Rosie's Theater Kids Performing to the theme from "Shaft"
Rosie's Theater Kids: Ashley Figueroa, Tareake Ramos, and Nicole Wong
Peter Kunhardt Jr.
Alicia Keys via video
Sen. Christopher Dodd presents the award to Richard Plepler
Irvin Mayfield
Karl Lagerfeld
Sarah Jessica Parker
Richard Plepler
Rosie's Theater Kids
Josh Groban and Sarah Arison
Annie Leibovitz
Fab Five Freddy Braithwaite
John Legend presents the Gordon Parks Award to Alicia Keys
Clive Davis
Clive Davis accepting the Gordon Parks Award on behalf of Alicia Keys
Mario Sprouse
Dyllan McGee
Hugh Hildesley of Sotheby's during the live auction
Gordon Parks Centennial Scholarship recipient, Nia Drummond
Paul Roth presents the award to Annie Leibovitz
Bill Cunningham and Karl Lagerfeld
Glenn Ligon and Thelma Golden
Brad Kroenig, Ingrid Sischy, Karl Lagerfeld, Sandy Brant, and Sebastian Jondeau
Rebekah McCabe
Carine Roitfeld and Stephen Gan
Peter Beard, Sarah Arison, and Peter Kunhardt Jr.
Nejma and Peter Beard
Alexander Soros, Valmira Mavraj, Kaitlyn Raymond, Alex Julian
Tim and Nancy Armstrong
Teresa Lourenco and Russell Simmons
Annie Leibovitz
Gene Young
Maureen Chiquet
Tina Marie Clark and David Rosenberg
Dr. Debra Abell and Megan Abell
Linda Wells
Eleanor Hauser and Peggy Rice
Carol Friedman and Karl Lagerfeld
Peter Beard, Anderson Cooper, Harold Ford Jr., Leslie Parks, and Fab Five Freddy Braithwaite
Jamie Hector and Jed Root
Julia Moore
Oscar Tang, Anderson Cooper, and Tracey Tang Limpe
Dyllan McGee, Blair Pillsbury Enders, and Jack Enders
Sharon Grelsamer and Christina Schwarzman
Carine Roitfeld, Anderson Cooper, and Sheila Nevins
Clive Davis and Lesley Glover
Peggy Siegal and Richard and Lisa Plepler
Dianne Jennings, George, and Carol Crapple
Anderson Cooper and Sheila Nevins
Marti Solomon
John and Bonnie Edelman
Nikki Haskell, Clive Davis, and Diana Revson
Tres Gaines and Alison Hawkins
Paget Grace, Paget, Christian, and Gary Stanco
Alison Notter, Stephanie Michaan, and Kelly Grochaler
Harold Ford Jr. and
Sally Sweatt, Philip Kunhardt III, and Annie Leibovitz
Anderson Cooper and Sheila Nevins
Tracey Tang Limpe and Oscar Tang

Amy Hutchings and Peter Kunhardt Jr.

Diana Revson and Peter Kunhardt Jr.
Tripp Revson and Elizabeth Kneiling
Alex Revson and Juliet Teakle
Simon Teakle, Charles Revson, and Mark Hammerschlag
Teddy Kunhardt, Abby Kunhardt, and Peter Kunhardt Jr.
Simon and Juliet Teakle
Sally Sweatt, Philip Kunhardt III, Robin Hickman, and Margie Kunhardt
Cassandra Makaba, Kelly Grochala, Alison Notter, Stephanie Michaan, and Brooke Callaghan
Eliza Glaister
Jill Larsen and Emel Dilek
Peter Beard and
Deanna Williams and Sharne Jackson
Annabel Hsieh and Gene Young
Josh Groban and Rachel Beider
Jed Root
Ted Ayers and Shannon Michaud
Renate Aller, Sheri, and Robert Gold
Andi Bernstein and Lisa Plepler
Kevin Saer
Alon Travis
Victoria Leeds
Sarah Glaister with daughters Lara and Eliza
Autumn Potter and Danielle Michaan
Joey Wolffer, Lara Glaister, Karl Lagerfeld, and
Brad Kroenig
Teddy Kunhardt and Bobbi Baker Burrows
Diana Revson, Lynne Hammerschlag, and Tonne Goodman
Courtney Fog and Tyler Henritze
Dionne Thornton, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jed Root
Sarah Jessica Parker
Joey Wolffer and Max Rohn
Talleh and Jim McMahon
Oliver Blodgett and Lara Glaister
Peter Kunhardt Jr. and Sallie Stern
Dyllan McGee and
Cynthia and Patrick Brennan, Lesley Cadman and Mary Farley
Sen. Christopher Dodd, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Richard Plepler
Peggy Siegal, David Patrick Columbia, and Linda Wells
LaFleur Paysour
Emily Ford, Debbie Beard, and Nejma Beard
Peggy Rice, Teddy Kunhardt, and Renate Aller
Dr. Steven Butensky and Emily Ford
Gary Stanco, Diana Revson, and Tonne Goodman
Stephen and Nevine Michaan and Peter Kunhardt
John Legend and Josh Groban
?, ?, and Annie Leibovitz
Mae Morson Parks and Leslie Parks
Robin Hickman and Cori Murray
Juliet Teakle, George Crapple, and Abbie Wyman
Paget Stanco, Bob Hiemstra, Wendy Goodman, and Anderson Cooper
Carol Crapple, Charles Revson, and Lynne Hammerschlag
Lynne Hammerschlag, Mark Schonberger, Diane Jennings, and Mark Hammerschlag
Sarah Jessica Parker, Richard Plepler, and Leslee Rogath
Renate Aller, Ed Stern, and Peggy Weinberg
Ilene Landris and David Rogath
Louise and Lewis Hart
Bobbi Baker Burrows, Sarah Burrows, and Russell Burrows
Jean Bach and Carol Friedman
Elizabeth Robinson, Sam Wathen, Zoe Haydock, and Jeanne Bucknam
Keeley Barton and Fort Parker
Heidi Leiser
Peter Beard and Harold Ford Jr.
Dr. Steven Butensky and Di Petroff
Russell Simmons
Diana Revson and Michael Formica
Tim and Nancy Armstrong, Dyllan McGee, Leslie Henshaw, and Mark Weigel
John and Elizabeth Olympitis
Stanley Buchthal and Maja Hoffman
Fab 5 Freddy Braithwaite and Anderson Cooper
Elizabeth Kurpis and Sarah Arison
Diana Revson and Anna Wintour
Wendy Goodman
Irvin Mayfield
After Party with DJ James Murphy
James Murphy
Sarah Yoder and Teddy Kunhardt
? and Thomas Holy Holmes
Louise Hart, Annie Atkinson, Elizabeth Baumann, and Beth Garrabrant
Parker Calvert, Blake Calvert, Alecta Hill, and Ricky Oriel
Lauren Davenport and Alecta Hill
Alexander Soros and Valmira Mayrai
Francesca Fay, Zoe Haydock, Julia McLaughlin, Andrew Krasnow, Lara Glaister, and Amy Hutchings
Lara Glaister, Andrew Krasnow, Francesca Fay
Eva Johnson, Louise Hart, and Annie Atkinson
Dyllan McGee and Abby Kunhardt
Peter Kunhardt Jr. and Anderson Cooper
Lauren Davenport and Alecta Hill
Jameson McFadden and Georgie Downie
Anderson Cooper and Annie Leibovitz
Claudio Napolitano and Dionne Thornton
Megan Abell
Ted Gushue and Brooke Cohen
Charles Darling and Jennifer Cuminale
Julia McLaughlin, Jack Lynch, and Brooke Cohen
Eva Johanson, Louise Hart, and Annie Atkinson
Francesca Fay, Zoe Haydock, Julia McLaughlin, Lara Glaister, and Amy Hutchings
Brooke Cohen, Caitlin McMullen, and Serena Tufo
John and Elizabeth Olympitis
Alecta Hill
Kevin Saer and Change
Megan Abell, Veclyn Wright, Cullen Washington, and Debra Abell
Lewis Hart III, Peter Kunhardt Jr. and
Diana Revson, Russell Burrows, Sarah Burrows, Bobbi Baker Burrows, and Sarah Jessica Parker
and Jackie Valls
Mario Sprouse, Dyllan McGee, Peter Kunhardt Jr., and Paul Roth
Allison Levy, Teddy Kunhardt, Sarah Yoder, and Abby Kunhardt
Allison Levy, Sarah Yoder,Teddy Kunhardt, Julia McLaughlin, Abby Kunhardt, Peter Kunhardt Jr., and Amy Hutchings
Brian Willis and Brian Wallis
David Friend and
and Dyllan McGee
?, Teddy Kunhardt, Heidi Leiser, and Peter Kunhardt Jr.
Annie Leibovitz
Nadine Reese and
Nikki Haskell and

On Tuesday, June 5th, The Gordon Parks Foundation honored singer/songwriter Alicia Keys, photographer Annie Leibovitz, and HBO's Co-President Richard Plepler. The presenters were John Legend, Paul Roth and Senator Christopher Dodd. Anderson Cooper was the host and Karl Lagerfeld and Gerhard Steidl were the Chairs. 2012 marks a milestone for the Foundation and will feature an array of events which include a major museum exhibition, the publication of a 5-volume boxed set, gallery exhibitions, film screenings and centennial scholarships which support the arts.