Rebecca Iasillo - Scholars - The Gordon Parks Foundation

Rebecca Iasillo, a rising senior in the Purchase College School of Art+Design’s photography program, received the Nikon Gordon Parks Foundation Photography Scholarship to honor a photography student whose work reflects the passion, vision, and humanity of Gordon Parks. She received the scholarship in 2011 and 2012. Rebecca is originally from Fishkill, NY. Her photographic work is a critique of the suburban culture. She strives to create a strange sense of irony with the subject matter. Unlike many artists attracted to this same subject, she is not interested in conveying something necessarily negative, rather she is attempting to look clearly and carefully at the place where she was born and pay respect to her roots. She says, “Wherever I may end up in the future, I will always be inextricably tied to my home. It is this inescapable, undeniable bond that I wish to highlight.”