Nayarit Tineo - Scholars - The Gordon Parks Foundation

Nayarit Tineo is a 17-year-old high school senior at The Young Women’s Leadership School of Brooklyn, with aspirations to go to college to major in architecture.  She is committed to community activism and ecological concerns.  She feels that pursuing architectural training will give her tools to make positive changes in society, in particular by devoting herself ecologically sound practices and creating environmentally safe structures. Being part of Rush has taught Nayarit a lot about herself and has helped to nurture a stronger belief in herself.  Thanks to Rush, her love of art is greater than she ever thought it could be!  Rush has taught her to appreciate a wide range of art forms and techniques, and to think about the content and ideas driving the work. Through Rush, Nayarit has been challenged to branch out and develop her artistic skills.  At Rush, she feels she has a place where her voice can be heard by people who care about her, and she is very thankful for that.