Malikye Wright - Scholars - The Gordon Parks Foundation

Born in 1996 in New York City, Malikye Wright is a black visual artist of the new generation.  Malikye first found his passion for art at Harlem School of the Arts, where he began courses at age seven and was accepted to the HSA Prep program in 2008.  Ever since, his abilities have been tested and stretched to make him the dedicated artist he is today.  Through HSA, Malikye had an NFL-themed work showcased at the Harlem Fine Arts Show, participated in the “HoodiesUP” exhibit at the National Black Theatre, and had a mural and photograph chosen for an art show at the Wright Museum of Art at Beloit College in Wisconsin.  He has also participated in several shows at Sky Gallery at Art and Design High School, where he is a student.  Malikye finds that through photography he is able to capture the moment and that good results come naturally to him