Leslie Ramirez - Scholars - The Gordon Parks Foundation

Leslie Ramirez  is an 18-year-old student born in Mexico, Izucar De Matamoros Puebla now living in the Bronx, New York City. She immigrated to the United States with her single mother at the age of three.  She attended public school in her neighborhood and is currently studying at Bronx Community College. 

Leslie started attending Rush Education Programs when she was seven years old.  Before Rush, she was very shy, but had a small group of friends.  While attending Rush, she gained confidence in herself and learned to believe that she was capable of completing any tasks. She gained many friendships that continue until this day, and improved her skills by expanding her drawing and painting vocabulary and learning different forms of art and techniques that her teachers taught her.  Rush Arts has supported Leslie in her college application process, as well as with real emotional support.  Knowing that Rush has her back helps her focus on her studies and brings her relief, fun, and time to express herself.