Kai Diaz - Scholars - The Gordon Parks Foundation

Kai Diaz was born in 1998 in Queens, NY. She moved to Harlem when she was two years old and grew up there. Ever since Kai was little, her parents knew she had an eye for art. She came to the Harlem School of the Arts in the 5th grade. In 2011, she was accepted to the HSA Prep Visual Arts Program which offers advanced art classes in many visual arts disciplines like painting, sculpture, and photography. In photography class, Kai learned how to focus and how to use the aperture and shutter to make a good exposure. Photography was something she always wanted to learn. At first in the photography class she would just take pictures, but then she started to realize and see hidden details, message, and meanings in the pictures. Photography is not just about taking pictures; it's the meaning in the picture that makes the photograph beautiful.