Dylan Etienne-Ramsay - Scholars - The Gordon Parks Foundation

Born and raised in Miami, FL, I am graduating from Design and Architecture Senior High specializing in Fashion Design and am moving on to further my education at Central St. Martins in their BA Fashion Design with Marketing.

My work is based on the way the mind and body are affected and transformed by external elements and impulses, and the inter-relation between intimate consciousness and public perception.

With my vision on the formation and understanding of geometry/structure, I stage specific moments of time in my life and/or other moments of which I second hand experience. Combining childhood with maturity, I experiment with ways of expressing the full knowledge of both the conscious and unconscious human experience. Curiosity for transformation is the driving force in my work. My concern is with art as ever-changing communication – a dynamic language varying with its message.

Ultimately, pushing the limits of the body and possibilities of the mind.

I believe that consciousness exists as information everywhere in the universe; we are merely receivers of it rather than creators. By participating in the creation/ ongoing performance that is my art work, the viewer has the opportunity to expand their perception of possibility, which is the key to reaching a state of mind that is beyond our current horizon.

Reality is not concrete.